International E-Conference Social and technological innovation

From 6th to 10th July 2020

Host the conference inside or outside your walls

To enhance this online conference experience and to make the conference accessible to a larger number of actors, we would like to create the opportunity for a live broadcast in African cities with our partners and friends (relay conference).

These relay conferences will thus make it possible to respond to the difficulties of Internet connections that some civil society organisations have and offer the opportunity to continue the exchanges in a convivial manner after each conference.

salle conférence

Local events

Offer your partners and your network an opportunity to follow the conference together in a friendly setting by broadcasting one or more sessions live on video projector and animating the exchanges after the sessions.

Host the event in your city


Social distancing

To welcome your partners in complete safety, we invite you to respect the barrier gestures recommended in your city and in your workplace. We strongly advise you to observe a safety distance of one metre between people. This is the distance that allows you not to be touched by the droplets from the nose or mouth that may contain the virus.


Contact us

If you have any questions about the conference, how to participate or how to book with our partners.

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