Supporting African civil society organizations

International E-Conference
Social and technological innovation

From 6th to 10th July 2020

A week of conferences 100% online

Possibility to participate locally in live at our partners’ premises

5 days, 5 themes

  • Social and environmental justice: the world of yesterday and tomorrow
  • Governance and Inclusive Leadership
  • Models of civil society funding
  • Managing projects in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment
  • Learning and support in the digital age

Who is the conference for?

This conference is aimed at African civil society actors and all actors involved with it: international organisations, technical and/or financial partners, experts (trainers, evaluators, facilitators, researchers, etc.).


  • Stimulate: Propose provocative conversations that question current challenges and envision a better future,
  • Inspire: Expose new modes of organization and innovative initiatives,
  • Experiment: In practical workshops to test new managerial approaches and technological tools,
  • Connect: Connecting organizations to each other.

The conference begins in








UK Time (London)

How to participate?

Join the videoconference

100% online event

With a simple Internet connection, participate in the conference, as you wish. You can participate in all the sessions or choose the ones you are most interested in.


Afraid your connection won’t be enough? Want to meet people in your area?

Our partners organize the conference broadcast in their premises. They will welcome you in several African cities to experience this event together.

In replay, on social media

Not available on these dates? Afraid of missing something?

All lectures will be recorded and streamed online. You will be able to watch them at your convenience. On a collaborative wall and on social networks, you will be able to continue the exchanges beyond the conference.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the conference, how to participate or how to book with our partners.

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